5 Ways to Have Fun At Your Wedding!

So you’re planning a wedding! Congratulations!

In all all the hustle and bustle of planning the meal and the details, don’t forget that you need to have fun! You’re about to embark on the greatest adventure and that’s a big reason to celebrate!  


 Start With Smiles 

It’s your big day! The day of my wedding, I couldn’t stop smiling all day! I couldn’t wait to get down the aisle and marry my best friend! 



Add Awesome Friends & Family 

I couldn’t wait to spend the day with friends and family! We have a canvas that everyone at our wedding signed that hangs by our front door above our entry table. Every time I get my keys, I see a name of someone that was at our wedding. It makes my heart happy to see all the people that were to celebrate our new adventure with us! 


Soak It In  

Every girl dreams of her wedding. Soak it all in. The good, the bad. You’ll cry and laugh (don’t forget to bring your mascara to the venue!) Your photographer and videographer will capture all the special moments for you.  Something I do from time to time is go back and look at our wedding photos or watch our wedding film again. I always see something new that I didn’t see before. 


Dont Sweat The Small Stuff 

You’ve spent months planning your big day but stuff happens! Don’t let it ruin the big celebration! If you’re a planner, you can have some back up plans. It will all work out though, and at the end you of the day you will still be married to your best friend! 


ut on Your Dancing Shoes

Some of my favorite moments from our wedding day were from dancing! Dancing with my Dad, dancing with my new husband, and letting loose and dancing with my friends and singing at the top of our lungs! Whether you do an elaborate routine or simply just dance with your new husband or wife, those moments together will last a lifetime! 

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